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Bunny.Style is a British online-only business. We currently have 3 online stores: USA, UK and Australia, of which the US store is our largest.

Our business model relies on outsourcing our fulfilment with local firms, so we do not ship or keep any products ourselves, but our logistics partners do this for us for a fee. This way all our US orders are shipped from our Los Angeles warehouse, UK orders from our Manchester warehouse and Australian orders from our Sydney warehouse.

We are a true 21st century business: we do not have an office and we all work remotely from our devices.

Bunny.Style was created by Matt Orzel, a British entrepreneur as a celebration of world's diversity and to bring rainbows into high street fashion. You can follow Matt on his Instagram @matonholidays to see what he is currently up to.


If you are interested in our brand policies you can access them here:

Brand Policies

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If you are interested in our charity work - please go to our FAQ secion.
If you are helping in or organising a charitable event and are looking for help - get in touch! We love helping the community:)

Otherwise, our story is below!

We are a 100% LGBT+ owned and managed brand.

Bunny.Style was sort of pre-launched in the summer of 2017, but we didn't properly open our store until April the 19th, 2018 when our first Shopify store was launched. At first we made caps, then started making socks and some accessories. In 2019 we launched t-shirts and our bestselling rainbow roll-up shorts. Our business started small but in just over 2 years we managed to sell tens of thousands of products to over 25k customers around the world. Isn't that just awesome?!

You have likely seen someone wearing our products, perhaps that's what made you come here. Well, one thing we really care about is that we create truly fabulous gear, so you can be sure you will love it, just like the others did!

P.S. if you want to get in touch with us, the best way is to  email us at hello@bunny.style.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to receive phone calls or Facebook Messenger queries. We do monitor our social media, but if you have a customer service query please go straight to email. We aim to respond to every message within 72h.

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