Where to go for Australian Prides 2022 - 2023 - Pride Calendar of Major Australian LGBTQ+ Festivals

Where to go for Australian Prides 2022 - 2023 - Pride Calendar of Major Australian LGBTQ+ Festivals

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Gooday and hurray!

It looks like Aussie pride season has commenced and it’s time to parade and party. From the first ever gay Mardi Gras march in Sydney 1978, we’ve now begun pride season 2022-2023, which after the last 2 years we’ve had, will surely make us come together more than ever. Just like any other western country, this continent will, of course, still be fighting for more freedoms, but we can for sure be proud and admire how pride has changed queer acceptance across the globe over the last half a century. Now, grab your glitter and let’s hop back on those floats!

We’ve constructed your need-to-know essential guide to help you navigate your Australian pride trip(s) over the next few months. Most excitingly, this includes the absolutely stunning news that Sydney, Australia will be hosting its first ever WORLD PRIDE this February 2023. With Kylie Minogue headlining, dreams really do come true, Pride really is gay XMAS, and the whole family is coming! Are you?!

Right - let’s not jump ahead too soon. Time to scribble down these pride dates in your phone or send them to your closest WhatsApp group. We’ve also included some ideas of what to expect to get you jumping out of your heels with excitement.

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Under a slightly different title, Canberra celebrates its pride with SpringOUT festival, which was established with it’s first ever pride rally in 1999. This would have to be one of our favourite rainbow celebrations on the continent, as this pride takes a chilled out yet community-focused approach. Canberra may be the capital city of Australia but with a population of just under 400k, expect something more tranquil in comparison to Sydney’s large crowds.

Canberra is providing its LGBTQ+ community with a variety of events and activities throughout the month of November, such as film screenings, a pride run/walk, workshops and more things artsy! You’ll find the program to have a little something for everyone of all ages.

  • SpringOUT Festival – 29th October – 30th November


The highlight rounding up all these events would be the FreshOUT fair day which sadly this time has had to be postponed until February 4th, 2023. Not to worry though! – as this means we have more to anticipate and enjoy later on. When the does date arise, expect food stalls, fine wine and live music from popular acts across Australia. Although we wait for more details, one thing for sure is that this is a free event perfect for anyone.

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A creative cosmopolitan hotspot located in South Australia; Adelaide is hosting two events this November any pride tourist would be overjoyed to attend. Well equipped with its gorgeous city beach and array of arts festivals throughout the year, this city needs to be on your down-under bucket list, so why not make “Pridevember” your excuse to jump on that plane. Back when homosexuality was still illegal nearly 50 years ago in 1973, Adelaide’s pride march was born, and sparked South Australia’s decision to become the first state in the country to decimalise homosexuality. Time to turn up and show the world the progress we’ve made!

What makes this city’s pride festivities extra special is its unique queer arts and culture festival “FEAST”, which is Australia’s 3rd largest LGBTQ+ festival. Over these next four weekends expect a variety of scheduled events such as comedy, drag, cabaret, music, DJs, sport, and community focused talks and Q&As. You may also know that Adelaide also has its Fringe festival early in the year and has its reputation as the world’s second largest arts festival… So if anyone knows how to put on entertainment and an event, it’s Adelaide herself. After the parade on the 5th, head on down to the opening night of FEAST to celebrate their 25th year.

  • Saturday 5th November – FEAST opening night carnival – 7:00pm Tarntanyangga/ Victoria Square, Adelaide
  • 5th – 27th November – FEAST festival
  • https://www.feast.org.au/


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Now let’s hop over to Perth, the capital of the country’s largest state - Western Australia which is definitely more than a hop with a long 28HR drive or a pricey airline ticket. So, it’s likely you may be thinking of tying your pride trip in Adelaide and Perth together as they both take place in November. Although the long drive may steer you away from the idea, who doesn’t want to live that Pricilla queen of the desert road trip fantasy?! If this is your option, be sure to travel with all your GBFs and research what you’ll need and stop off locations etc. This is a trip often described as one of the best road trips you can take in Australia.

Perth is treating its community and visitors to two wonderful pride events this November, so make sure you swing by at least one of these pride dates. The Fair day will be a more relaxed community-focused date, perfect for families, or a stop-by during a chilled Sunday stroll through the city for a spontaneous bevvie in the sun. Expect live music and a licensed bar running from mid-day will inject the area with all the fun time festival vibes – Take us there already! - Two weeks later you have the well-recognised parade and after-party. It’s at this date that the city will be buzzing with lots of “Sandgropers” and all the gay nightlife poppin’, so be sure to visit and make it a weekend to remember.

  • SUN 13th November -- PrideFEST Fairday – Hyde Park – 10:00am – 6:00pm FREE
  • SAT 26th November -- WA Pride Parade & Afterparty -- Russell Square – 6:00PM FREE


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Perhaps you don’t have the time off work just yet, so you’re waiting until early 2023 before you put on your rainbow roll-up pride shorts to celebrate. Well, Australia’s second most populated city of nearly 5 million is waiting for you. Along with such a vibrant and busy city come more restaurants and bars to also enjoy over your pride stay in Victoria state. Melbourne Pride has been reborn with the newly-proclaimed title of Victoria pride, highlighting the coming together of all Victorians and other LBGTQ+ event’s across the state over the December – 12 FEB period.

Midsomma festival is the host of Victoria pride and along with the Victorian State government, is putting funds towards showcasing LGBTQ+ artists and speakers of the region, putting a real emphasis on community. More information is pending on the event so be sure to keep an eye out for updates on their website and social media accounts.

  • 21st Jan – 12 February – Midsomma Festival
  • SAT 5th February – Victoria Pride -- Gertrude and Smith Street
  • Midsumma Carnival – Details TBC
  • Midsumma Pride – Details TBC


For many, Pride is a perfect opportunity to indulge in queer nightlife and hospitality. Some of us more mature folk may not be the party people we used to be, but pride time always feels like an exception for many. Melbourne has an abundance of gay safe spaces and friendly venues open the those of all sexual orientations and genders who celebrate their pride all-year-round. Back in the day, you’d be looking for that rainbow flag outside that shabby bar, now the internet is our guide to riding the whole rainbow.

Be sure to stop by “The 86”, a live entertainment venue. If don’t fancy googling each gay bar to be disappointed about the ones that aren’t for you, you are sure to enjoy this popular establishment. Once you’ve made some friends at the bar, you’re likely to pick up all the suggestions of where to head next over by the locals themselves.

Pride Swimshorts on the model next to the pool, 2022 2023 Australia Pride Sydney

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New South Wales may be the last stop on your tour if you’re doing the full prideathon, but with so much going on here in Sydney this really is the cherry on the cake of all pride trips. This is because the southern hemisphere is hosting its first ever WORLD PRIDE here in Sydney Australia 2023 and is expecting to see over half a million attendees throughout the event! You may have other tasks to tick off here in Sydney, such as taking that selfie in front of the iconic Sydney opera house, but make sure you’re here at least for the main Mardi Gras festivities the weekend of Saturday the 25th of February. If you are in it for the full unlimited experience, as we mentioned earlier, Kylie Minogue is blessing us with her presence!

  • Sun 19th Feb – Mardi Gras Fair Day- 10am – 9pm – Victoria park – FREE
  • Fri 24th Feb – World Pride opening concert – The domain, Phillip Precinct – 7pm – 9pm. from: $119
  • Fri Feb 24 - Sun Mar 5 – Pride festival hub – oxford street – FREE
  • Sat 25 Feb - Mardi Gras Parade – oxford street – 6pm – 11pm. FREE
  • Sat 25 Feb - Mardi Gras Party - Hordern Pavilion, Liberty Hall, Watson’s and The Entertainment Quarter 10pm – 8am - from:$155

We know that sometimes the largest and most desirable parties, events and prides can be pricey. But it’s important to remember that pride is about the coming together of people, creating amazing memories, making new friends and even romances. The pride march and basking in the ambience of the festival hub on Oxford Street is the necessity of this pride trip, anything else is a juicy bonus. Oxford street will provide you with popular LGBTQ+ venues, which many would agree would be best to support as well as the local talent. Grab your best rainbow themed outfit, or perhaps plan at least three, because it’s gonna be a joyous yet long weekend of celebrations wherever you stumble across in this city.

We may have missed the recent pride celebrations such as in Brisbane, or be a bit further away from the pride march in Darwin, but be sure to keep up to date of what’s happening later on in 2023!

Check out our fabulous Pride Collection and get your Pride outfit all ready for all of the Pride Festivals coming in 2022 and 2023!

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